Garpen Solar Water Pumps

Submersible Solar Water Pumps

The Garpen Submersible Solar Water Pump is a renewable and affordable pumping solution that is more convenient and reliable than windmill and diesel options.

Components of an Garpen Solar Water Pump Kit
The Solar Pump Kits are designed as a comprehensive solution, providing everything needed for efficient water pumping. Each kit includes a high-quality pump package, durable cabling, a sophisticated controller for optimal operation, solar PV panels for sustainable energy capture, and a sturdy mounting frame complete with an embedment pole for easy installation. This all-in-one solution is engineered to ensure reliability and performance in a variety of settings.

Ultra-low DC voltage Stainless Steel Submersible solar pumps include
316 stainless steel submersible centrifugal or screw pump to endure harsh conditions in bores.
Full length rotor motors to provide suitable flow and total head capacity.
Easy to install, user-friendly pump and MPPT controller with full instruction guide.
High & low water sensors are included to ensure your pump doesn't run dry or overfill your tank.
¾” outlets for high-head submersible solar water pumps, and 1¼” outlets for high-flow submersible pumps.
Sufficient pump cabling for the pump head, PV cable and MC4 weather resistant solar connectors

Solar Panels for the Garpen PRO Solar Pumps
2x 130W solar PV panels can be coupled together in series and parallel to provide the voltage and power (Watts) to suit the selected pump.

Solar Panel Mounting Frame
The quick and easy to install frame can accommodate up to 6x solar PV panels.
The 3 metre pole provides sufficient embedment depth for stability and solar PV panel clearance off the ground to avoid disturbance from animals.