Petrol Pressure Washer for Sale

Explore our extensive selection of high-performance petrol pressure washers, ideal for demanding tasks and equipped with potent petrol engines. Achieve faster, more efficient cleaning with our high-powered petrol pressure washer, designed to remove tough stains and efficiently clean large areas.

Say goodbye to stubborn dirt and grime that clings to every surface with a petrol pressure washer, and embrace a world of effortless, pristine cleanliness that transforms your space with ease!

Garpen has a diverse selection of robust petrol pressure cleaners to cater to your every need.

From 6.5 HP to the powerful 24 HP, 2500 PSI to 4500 PSI, and available at unbeatable low prices!

Explore Garpen pressure cleaners and choose the perfect one for you.

Garpen Diesel Petrol Electric Pressure Washers 03
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Garpen Diesel Petrol Electric Pressure Washers 04
Petrol Pressure Washer Application Duty Table
Petrol Pressure Washer Duty Flow Table
Garpen Diesel Petrol Electric Pressure Washers 02
Duty Pressure Table