Diesel Fire Pumps for Sale with bullet-proof reliability, durability and versatility!

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At Garpen, our range of diesel fire pumps for sale includes 1.5 to 3 inch inlet/outlet sizes, from single to twin impellers, standard to large fuel tanks and options such as an electric starting systems.

Fire Fighter Pumps

One of the benefits of diesel firefighting pumps is their reliability.

Diesel engines are well known for their durability and ability to operate for extended periods of time without requiring maintenance not to mention the use of diesel fuel is safer than petrol in a fire zone. That makes them first choice for fire emergencies.

In addition to their reliability, diesel firefighting pumps are also have high pressure and flow rates, which are necessary for effective fire suppression.

The high-pressure, high-quality aluminum pump housing and cast iron impeller extends the life of the pump. Carbon-ceramic mechanical seals used are designed for long and superior abrasion resistance.

They can also be used in remote locations where access to electricity may be limited.