Industrial Diesel Generators for Sale

Garpen Diesel Generator Fuel Consumption Chart
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Our range of Industrial Generators is carefully engineered using reliable OEM components, guaranteeing exceptional performance and dependability.

Renowned OEM and Yanmar Engines.

Our generators provide power solutions ranging from 3kVA and upwards.

Single Phase and 3 Phase generators for sale.

Synchronized Industrial Generators are also available!

Industrial Generators - Crafted and engineered to withstand Australia's unforgiving climate, our diesel generators offer exceptional reliability, fuel efficiency, and remarkable value for money.

Does Diesel Trump Petrol?

Diesel is the fuel of choice for many as home backup generators, thanks to its multitude of advantages over petrol.
Diesel engines often surpass petrol counterparts in terms of fuel efficiency. Their longevity often makes them the ideal choice for those seeking durability and reliability.
Consider diesel for performance, efficiency, and peace of mind.
October 8, 2023

What is an Inverter Generator ?

In a few words, it is a generator that can safely power sensitive electronic devices. They produce clean and stable energy in comparison to traditional generators.