Water Pumps for Sale

GARPEN range of Water Pumps include general purpose high volume water transfer pumps, fire fighting pumps, trash pumps, chemical pumps, and submersible pumps. Water pumps are designed to effortlessly transfer or move water. Great for farms, construction sites, mining and other heavy-duty industrial applications.

Garpen pumps for water are used to move water from one location to another, normally to increase the pressure or flow of water. Water pumps uses in irrigation, drainage, and plumbing systems. A water transfer pump, is a water pump specifically designed to move water from one location to another without increasing the pressure or flow rate.

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Fire Fighting Pumps are high pressure pumps and are versatile pumps that can also be used for high volume water transfer when not used for firefighting.

Chemical Pumps - made of corrosive resistant materials such as stainless steel to withstand chemicals or poor quality water. Some chemicals or contaminated water such as saltwater and effluent can be damaging to certain pumps. Chemical-resistant pumps are corrosion-resistant. If you need a chemical resistant pump it is recommended to determine which materials are safe. These are mostly used for agricultural and industrial chemicals.

Trash Pumps - ideal for moving high volumes of water such as pumping water from a dam to a truck or pumping out of a truck quickly and efficiently.

Submersible Pumps - utilised in pools, irrigation, deep well, drinking water supply, and site dewatering. As the name suggests, this pump is completely submerged in the liquid. Like any other pump, it transfers liquid from point A to point B, however, the difference is that this pump operates by pushing, instead of drawing liquid, during the pumping process.