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Generator Prime Power Rating

This is the amount of power a generator can handle over a short period of time for example when starting up an air-conditioner, this requires an initial burst of power at the start, extended use of the prime power will damage the generator. 

Generator Standby Power Rating

This is the amount of power the generator can produce over an extended period of time which is approximately 20% less of the generator's prime power. Some generator sales teams overstate the standby power to make their generators appear cheaper, we do not.

The quick answer is 5KVA to 10KVA for houses with heavier power uses. To determine more accurately what size of the generator, you need to find out what appliances and fixtures you want to power at the same time, then figure out the starting wattage or surge wattage of each item then find a generator powerful enough to exceed the combined wattage of every appliance you need to power. One more note, water-cooled power generators outlive air-cooled generators many times over.

A Diesel-powered generator is by far the best choice for off-grid power production or as an ideal complement to off-grid solar power for running your home essentials like your kitchen, laundry, and lighting. With a much longer shelf life than petrol, Diesel fuel is also far more economical. A diesel generator will run on half the fuel a petrol generator will use. That is a saving you can't ignore.

GARPEN engines have been known for their reliability for many years. GARPEN’s Diesel Generator is well equipped under the hood, powered by our refined three-cylinder industrial engine that you can always depend on. With earth leakage protection to Australian standards and fully equipped with fail-safe engine protection, the generator is as safe as it is dependable. Our range of generators is known for producing a stable and consistent output with industry-leading reliability.

Service and Life Expectancy

If you keep up the normal service which is oil and oil filter change at least every 250 hours, fuel and air filters every 500 hours we have customers with over 20,000 hours recorded on our OEM generators that’s like going 1,000,000 Kilometres in your car and getting very close to the life of the Big brands costing much more. You may ask why we have air-cooled units like this at more than half the price? Simply put water-cooled generators last 3-4 times longer, so if you are going to run this for only a few hours a day may be an air cooling unit may be better for you, just ask our experts when you call.

Diesel motors are far more reliable than petrol engines as there is no electrical spark needed to combust the fuel so say goodbye to ignition issues of petrol engines. Diesel is also safer to carry around or transfer as it is way less combustible than petrol. Diesel motors mix their air and fuel outside the combustion chamber in the inlet port. Diesel's other advantage is that it has a much higher compression ratio than unleaded petrol, which makes it more efficient.


Yes, but do not use pressure washers 2500 psi or over as it can damage the paint so keep the pressure to 2000 PSI or under, for high-pressure washers 2500 psi or higher, spray it with a wider spray nozzle and stand further away from the car.

See our range of pressure washers Petrol pressure washers Diesel pressure washers and electric pressure washers


Check out GARPEN High Pressure Washers from 2200 PSI to 3600 PSI. Assembled in Australia at Competitively Low Price!

What sets GARPEN apart?

GARPEN is one of Australia's leading suppliers of high-quality water pumps. All GARPEN water pumps for sale are assembled in Australia by our Expert Team and backed with a 500-hour or 12-month warranty.

We offer a wide range of water pumps to suit a wide range of applications from high-volume water transfer, to fire fighting. We also stock a full range of spare parts.