Other Products

You can see that we have an extended range of industrial power equipment and accessories, which also include:

A large range of truck and tractor seats designed to provide unparalleled comfort, support and durability for long drives.

Rotary Hoes - Tillers - Cultivators
The rotary hoe is an extraordinary machine that utilises rotating blades to till the soil and break up clods, eradicate weeds, and prime the ground for planting.

Fuel Tanks
We offer a range of lightweight polyethylene fuel tanks that offer a solution for simple and safe fuel storage and transfer.

Brick Saws
Make cutting bricks, pavers, stone, terracotta and building blocks a breeze!

For easy compaction of earth prior to laying turf and footpaths.  Our commercial-grade compactors feature quality time-proven engines, low vibration, and smooth operation.  Whether you are looking to compact crushed rocks, sand, asphalt, pavers, or mixed soils, these plate compactors can do the job.