Petrol Powered Water Pumps That Are Perfect For All Types Of Water Transfer

Water Pump Selection Table
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At GARPEN we have a large range of petrol water pumps for sale, all at factory direct pricing.

See the product filters to assist in selecting the model that right for you.

Petrol powered engines can often be more economical for infrequent water pump use, and many are often quieter running than their diesel counterparts.


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Transforming the Agricultural Landscape ...

The Garpen Submersible Solar Water Pump is a renewable and affordable pumping solution that is more convenient and reliable than windmill and diesel options. During dry spells and the hot weather conditions experienced in rural Australia, farmers often rely on grid electricity or generator power to efficiently run water pumping systems. Both solutions can incur […]

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Pumps made of stainless steel have completely revolutionised manufacturing and industrial processes. Even in very hot or dangerous conditions, a stainless steel pump is made to be sturdy, resilient, and suitable for a wide range of materials and liquids.