Garpen History & Achievements

Who Are We?

Garpen is Australian owned and operated and was established in November 2007 to import and distribute construction machinery and equipment. Garpen has a widespread distribution across Australia to individuals and companies, our products include Petrol and Diesel powered pumps and pressure washers sourced directly from factories and sold directly to the end user.

At Garpen, we are continuously developing new products as well as refining existing products to bring you strong and reliable machinery. With a high demand for Pumps, Pressure Washers, Hydraulic Lifting Equipment, Machinery Seats, Compressor, and Portable generators across the country, new lines are constantly being established to reflect this. Our high standard of finish is always present with our pumping and a large range of equipment suitable for mining, agriculture, construction, and even for fighting fires or protecting your property. We can supply a large range of pumps, pressure washers, and numerous products and undertake various modifications for custom requirements.

Our range includes Electric Petrol and diesel pressure washers, as well as replacement petrol and diesel engines, hydraulic lifting equipment, machinery seats, compressors, and small portable generators. 

We have a strong chain supply of compactors, and other Industrial ancillary products to support Australia’s growing building, mining, agricultural, and many other industries. With our range always on the increase, we are positive we can supply machinery for your next contract – be it on the mines, a council project, road construction, cleaning up your acreage, or starting your next vegetable crop or fruit plantation with any of our products.

We have built a strong relationships with major companies like BHP, Rio Tinto, Fortescue Minerals (FMG), and many other agricultural, and mining enterprises, to bring you the highest quality products and services.


What Makes Us Different?

With over 30 years of experience in the industry, Garpen offers a friendly service combined with expert product knowledge and sound advice. Our aim is to provide our clients with the best prices Australia-wide, amazing value for money, and high-quality products for peace of mind.

We can advise you on your requirements for moving water from a Water Transfer Pump, Trash Pump, or fire fighting pump, all these pumps have their own purpose.

To back this up we offer a minimum one-year warranty on all our machines guaranteed with a full-time mechanic and workshop available for any repairs required. Even after the warranty ends, a full stock of parts is maintained for all our machines and equipment throughout our branches nationwide.


What Do Our Customers Say?

Garpen has been established for over 11 years nationally with a string of satisfied clients and companies. Farmers with multiple pumps or ventilation for silos are impressed with how dependable our equipment units are, and very well-priced without sacrificing quality.


How Do We Get In Contact?

Feel free to call us at (08)-9471-1711 or email us at with any questions you have. We can assist you in advising of a suitable water pump, pressure washer, compressor generator, or any other equipment you need for your project. We have experienced team members ready to assist you.